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OES2SP3 January Maintenance Patch released

Here are a list of bug fixes in the patch

January 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES2 SP3
– 496114: FIRST_WATCHDOG_PACKET Parameter Incorrect
– 498911: iprint_nss_relocate script fails to with errors if dn’s have space in them.
– 517837: Unable to create users with MMC due to the Top superclass on Person
– 557645: random dsfw samba crash log errors in oes2sp1.
– 605154: Mac client misleads users about characters unsupported by Windows
– 616747: Bump version for each milestone.
– 632850: NCP is causing ndsd segfault.
– 641812: owcimomd crash when performing an xml import with an invalid IP address for dserver
– 642072: Modifying DNS Entry For DHCP Zone Breaks DDNS Updates
– 647600: OES2SP2 ncpcon log level ALL
– 648340: creating printer from Manage Print manager throws plugin error after successful creation
– 653310: iPrint database becomes out of sync
– 658145: NSS volume with Di and RI… Continue reading