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How to merge DNS zones

The creation of the DSfW domain will create a DNS zone for the domain along with the reverse zone.  If there is already a zone with the same name then merging the zones is necessary.

This video shows how to use the DNS/DHCP Console to export, merge, and import zones.

Manage the Domain Boundary

Starting with OES2SP3 DSfW domain boundaries were no longer restricted to a single partition.  Now partitions directly below the partitioned container mapped to the domain can be mapped to the domain as well.  This can be done during the install of DSfW and creation of the domain with custom provisioning option or after the creation of the domain using the tool domaincntrl.

Here is a playlist for the videos covering Managing the Domain Boundary

The command and usage for managing the domain boundary can be found in the documentation.

The syntax for domaincntrl is:

domaincntrl <Operation> [arguments]


Lists partitions in the domain

Adds a partition to the domain

Removes  a partition (and desamify users) from a domain… Continue reading

Install OES11 DSfW

Here is a playlist for videos covering the install of OES11 DSfW

It is broken out into 6 videos

Prepare to Install OES11 DSfW

Install OES11 DSfW – Yast section

Install OES11 DSfW – Log Files

Install OES11 DSfW – Provisioning Wizard

Start with the oes11 documentation and TID 7002172 Preparing for Domain Services for Windows Install

How to Install an ADC DSfW server

This is the follow up to the “Prepare for an ADC Install of DSfW” video.
In this video an OES2SP3 ADC DSfW server is installed into an existing domain.
Requirements and suggestions are made along the way.

Be sure to follow TID 7009927 and TID 3564075 before doing the install.