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Troubleshooting High Utilization – High Utilization Gstack tool

Some times ndsd or another process can cause a server to go into high utilization or to become unresponsive.  A great TID to follow for OES servers is TID 7007332 – Troubleshooting ndsd becoming unresponsive on OES Linux.  A TID specific for DSfW servers to start with is TID 7010462- Troubleshooting slow logins and unresponsive DSfW server.

When trouble shooting a process stuck in high utilization or causing a server to slow down or become unresponsive looking at a top output for a daemon like ndsd with individual threads shown and a correlating gstack can show us which thread is in high utilization and what that thread is doing.  In most cases it is best to take a number of gstacks every 10 seconds to 60 seconds depending on the situation.  We can see not only what that thread is doing but if the… Continue reading