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Adding displayName to DSfW user accounts

BES10 requires AD authentication so DSfW is being deployed to accomplish this in eDirectory environments.
The displayName attribute is one attribute that must be populated.

The following attributes must be populated for BES10

All but two are automatically populated on DSfW users.
displayName and mail are not.  Hopefully mail is already populated since this is for an e-mail application.  displayName most likely is not.

This video will go over a script that can be used populate displayName with the value used in samAccountName.  It will also show you how to modify the script if the value from another attribute is desired to be used for displayName.

The script does the following search to find users and generate a ldif file

ldapsearch -Y EXTERNAL -LLL -Q -b “$DEFAULTNAMINGCONTEXT” -s sub ‘(&(objectclass=user)(samAccountName=*)(!(|(objectClass=Computer)(displayName=*)(cn:dn:=users)(ou:dn:=oessystemobjects))))’ dn: samAccountName |sed s[samAccountName[‘changetype:modify\nadd: displayName\ndisplayname'[g | grep -v ^# >/tmp/add_displayname.ldif

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