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DNS CASA Repair Script

A common reason for  Novell DNS to fail to update records or even fail to load is do to CASA credentials for the DNS proxy user.

When troubleshooting Novell DNS issues start with the /var/opt/novell/log/named/ log.
If novell-named fails to start or update records and CASA Error has occured, error:No credential is retrived from CASA is seen in the log, it is almost a guarantee the reason is the dns-ldap key is missing, the password is incorrect for the proxy user, or the user name is incorrect.
Below is a sample of a log demonstrating what is seen when CASA credentials in invalid or missing.
Look for the starting of named and the CASA Error

19-Nov-2013 15:30:13.489 general: main: notice: starting BIND 9.3.2 -u named
19-Nov-2013 15:30:13.490 general: server: info: found 4 CPUs, using 4 worker threads
19-Nov-2013 15:30:13.500 general: dns/message: error: Credential Not found
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New DSfW Monitor Script

I previously created two scripts, and, one to monitor pids and one to monitor ports.  With the two script they are helpful to ensure the DSfW services are up.  A new script combines the two and adds additional options.  The script not only checks for pids and ports, but it can be used to create a cron job to run the script every 10 minutes by adding the “add” switch.  To remove the cron job use the “rm” switch.

If a DSfW server running DNS (or not) has a DSfW specific process stop or crash a quick stop gap measure is to monitor the DSfW processes and restart them if one or more of the DSfW processes stop.

If the DSfW server is an Additional Domain Controller (ADC) DNS might not be configured on the server.  If DNS is not running on the… Continue reading