SCA Appliance

Ever wonder what happens when you run a supportconfig -ur SR#?  The support config gets uploaded and analyzed by a Support Config Analysis server that runs potentially over 900 support patterns to analyze the support configs contents.  The report is then posted to the SR listing critical issues than when fixed have been found to fix roughly 50% of the issues an SR was created for.

The Support Config Analysis server is available for download as an appliance than can be ran on premises.  The appliance stores analysis results in a MariaDB database and uses PHP to read the database and generate the report.  It has a FTP server allowing for support configs to be uploaded, archived, processed, and analyzed.  With this it is possible to modify the supportconfig script to gather more information for other applications running on the server and then for patterns to be created to identify and list potential fixes for issues seen in your environment.

Currently the intial release is available, but keep a look out for the latest version with even more patterns.  This appliance is designed for SLES and OES servers and other SuSE, Novell, and NetIQ products.  If you are a customer with limited SRs this appliance can help identify possible fixes quickly saving time on troubleshooting, down time, and Service Requests.

The SCA Appliance is available for download as media or a VM from SuSE Studio.

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