CVE-2014-0224 Fixes in eDirectory

The following Hotfixes for NESCM 3.1 and eDirectory (888, 887 & 885) standalones address the OpenSSL security vulnerability described in CVE-2014-0224 can be found below.

For OES11 SP1/SP2 and OES2 SP3 LTSS the updates are in the respective channels.

– eDirectory 8.8 SP8 Patch 2 HotFix 1 (All Platforms)
Download URL:

– eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 6 HotFix 1 (All Platforms)
Download URL:

– eDirectory 8.8 SP5 Patch6 Hotfix2 for NetWare
Download URL:

– Identity Assurance Solution Client 3.1 Hotfix 1
Download URL:

Below is the list of patches that have been released addressing openssl security fixes:

1. OpenSSL on 24th June.

2. GnuTLS on 30th June.

3. iPrint Client on 10th July.

4. eDirectory on 10th July.

All these were duplicated across OES2 SP3, OES11 SP1 and OES11 SP2.

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