supportconfig updated with DSfW information

A great tool to get essential information on a server is supportconfig.  It comes with SLES/OES and the latest set of patches has the DSfW information in the tool.

If you have a SR opened with support you can get the supportconfig analyzed by running supportconfig -ur $srnum; where $srnum is your 11 digit service request number.  A html report will be given which will list Critical, Warning, and Recommended messages.  Some will have TIDs and/or videos to apply to fix the issue.  Some will list a rpm to apply.

Another option to return just DSfW and OES information in the /root directory is to run:
supportconfig -kt /root -i OES,DSFW

This will not upload to Novell to have the supportconfig analyzed.  It is the ray files to look at.


With this DSfW piece in the new supportconfig, specific to DSfW is exporting the administrator password to allow a few other checks to be done.

To export the password do:
export ADM_PASSWD=administratorPasswordHere

This will allow commands that require a kerberos ticket to run.  The command are:

  • klist
  • ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI -b “” -s base
  • ldapsearch -Y GSS-SPNEGO -b “” -s base
  • smbclient //localhost/sysvol -k -I <ipaddress> -c showconnect
  • smbclient //localhost/netlogon -k -I <ipaddress> -c showconnect
When the supportconfig has completed I would recommend deleting the export ADM_PASSWD=administratorPasswordHere from the bash history file.  One way to delete the the line is to first list the history with the command:
Take note of the line, for this example the line will be 120, and use history -d $num where $num is the line number
history -d 120
You can view just the last 2 or 3 lines of history by running:
!-2 or !-3

This is useful if the last two commands ran where export ADM_PASSWORD= and supportconfig -ur $12345678901.  Take note of the line number with the export command and delete it from the history file.

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