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DSfW Migration – OES 11 SP1 to OES11 SP2

DSfW Migrations can be tricky if you do not follow the documentation carefully.  I created two videos that take you through the process of a successful migration.  The videos do not cover the pre-migration.  For the pre-migration you want to ensure the tree and DSfW server specifically is healthy.

The key is to install and configure eDirectory with the pre-migration pattern on the target server using the Software Management tool provided by the YaST utility.  DO NOT Use the OES Install and Configuration utility.  This is the key piece most people miss.  If you use the OES Install and Configuration utility the DSfW patter will not be able to be installed.  Instead the pre-migration pattern will be layed down, the pre-migration wizard will pop up.  If you continue through the pre-migration pattern eDir will be installed.  You then click… Continue reading

OES 2015 NSS for AD

The big new feature in OES 2015 is NSS for AD.  With NSS for AD, AD users can be given file system access to an OES server.  Coupled with DSfW a functioning bi-directional trust will be possible.

Currently the limits with a bi-directional trust are with file system access from the AD side to the eDir/DSfW side.  The work around has been to add an AD user to a eDir/DSfW group and via the group the user will gain the needed ACLs to access a file system.  The problem has been file access via this method is limited to only DSfW servers.  This does not work with other OES servers.  Now with NSS for AD complete AD user access will be possible.

Watch this video for more information on NSS for AD in OES 2015