OES11SP2 is Available for Download

OES11sp2 is now available for download.

Sites and Subnets functionality is the biggest addition to DSfW.  It will allow the configuration of users to authenticate to a specific Domain Controller.  For this feature to work all Domain Controllers must be OES11sp2 servers.
Easy Wins configuration, Mac Client Support, Windows 8 Support,  Windows 2012 Support, and SASL NTMSSP Support are also big additions.
The SASL NTLMSSP Support will allow NTLM over LDAP bind request to be fullfilled.  Since more and more applications are supporting SASL NTLMSSP as the primary authentication mechanism for 2008 and 2012 servers this will allow more applications to work directly with DSfW.
The Novell Client has worked with well DSfW since OES2SP3, but that configuration was not supported.  It is now supported.
Download and test OES11sp2.  It is more robust and feature rich than previous… Continue reading

DSfW: Provisioning using python script

Need to do the DSfW install via a putty session/ no gui.  Look at this coolsolution article DSfW: Provisioning using python script.  It provides a python script to do the provisioning portion of the  install with out the need of X Server.  It is also reported to be faster.  Great for scripted installs.

OES 11 SP1 eDirectory Install

Looking to install  eDirectory on OES 11 SP1?  Here is a video going through the install and giving some tips on doing a successful install.


DSfW Express Install in OES11SP1

With OES11SP1 there are two install options.  Express and regular.

The difference between the two is the express install will not prompt for the server and dib location, SLP configuration, the OES proxy user, or the DNS configuration.  If there are no other Novell DNS servers in the tree this is a good option.  Otherwise do the regular install to use the same DNS Locator object as the existing Novell DNS server is using.

Install error: ndsconfig error 74

Installs can be tricky especially when installing into an existing tree that has been around since NetWare 4.11, has multiple partitions, several locations, and dozens of servers.  If the tree is not healthy the install of DSfW has a greater chance of failure.  If communication with all servers is good, the tree is healthy, and the Preparing for Domain Services for Windows Install TID is followed then usually the install goes through with out any issues.

If there is a failure a common error is ndsconfig error 74.   This video goes over the error.  The troubleshooting of this error can be applied to a similar error “ndsconfig error 80”.

DSfW Install Error: No Such Partition

An error I have seen during installs is No Such Partition. The majority of the time it is easly solved by adding a replica of the name mapped partition to the DSfW server. This video will go through troubleshooting steps for this error.

Either run them on the eDirectory server specidifed for the install or use the -h [ip] if running on the DSfW server.
ndsstat -r
ndstat -p .o=novell.t=tree. -h -n

Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 is released

Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 has been released today

LearnEventually, hopefully in the next update or two to more about OES11SP1 here

The download links for OES11 SP1 are:

Download link:

As far as Domain Services for Windows goes, the install will now allow you to choose between a simplified install or the standard.  The simplified install of DSfW reduces the number of screen, removing many of the screens that most people click next on with out any changes too.  The install is also more intuitive.  If follows along with the type of DSfW install you are doing instead of starting with the eDirectory configuration.

OES11SP1 has also improved gposync.  This should help reduce issues with gopsync not working correctly or properly syncing gpos out to the ADC DSfW servers.

OES11SP1 migrations for DSfW servers are now supported.  The supported migrations are:… Continue reading

Install OES11 DSfW

Here is a playlist for videos covering the install of OES11 DSfW

It is broken out into 6 videos

Prepare to Install OES11 DSfW

Install OES11 DSfW – Yast section

Install OES11 DSfW – Log Files

Install OES11 DSfW – Provisioning Wizard

Start with the oes11 documentation and TID 7002172 Preparing for Domain Services for Windows Install

How to Install an ADC DSfW server

This is the follow up to the “Prepare for an ADC Install of DSfW” video.
In this video an OES2SP3 ADC DSfW server is installed into an existing domain.
Requirements and suggestions are made along the way.

Be sure to follow TID 7009927 and TID 3564075 before doing the install.

Prepare to install an ADC DSfW server

This video will go through the preparation of installing an ADC DSfW server.  It will guide you through TID 7009927.




Prepare and Install Novell’s Domain Services for Windows

TID 7002172 provides steps to follow to ensure a successful install.

Start with a clean install, eDirectory can not be installed on the server prior to installing DSfW.
Be sure the /etc/hosts has the server name and domain name you want for the name of your domain.
List the DSfW server as the first DNS server in the /etc/resolv.conf
If you removed DSfW and are installing again, be sure to follow TID 7005431 to properly clean up the tree.