NDSD Health Check Script

I’ve received a great deal of feed back on the DSfW Health Check Script and applied some changes. One of the suggestions was to do only a ndsd (eDirectory) script. The DSfW Health Check Script works for both DSfW and eDirectory servers, but if all you want to do is check eDirectory health on a DSfW server or want a… Continue reading

VMWare and best practices for Timekeeping

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests for timekeeping best practices for VMWare

VMWare has a great support article on this.  Below are the SLES recommendations.  The article can be found here


SLES 11 (All updates) No additional kernel parameters required.
SLES 10 SP4 on ESX 5.0 and later clock=pmtmr
SLES 10 SP4 on ESX 4.x Use… Continue reading

Creating a SLES11 Install source

Creating an install source is extremely easy to do with YaST.  Just follow the installation server wizard.

To create a single SLES+OES DVD follow Simon’s Coolsolution Article


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