Logon-Logoff / Power-on-Shutdown Scripts Execution for Windows Clients of DSfW

A new coolsolution has been released allowing the login and logoff tasks on a workstation.  The script can also power down or power on workstations.  Administrators and end users can automate these tasks.  The scripts can be stored in the netlogon or sysvol on the primary domain controller which will sync it out to the other DCs.  The profile tab of user properties, or Logon GPO can be used for integrating these scripts into startups and shutdown cases.

Go to to download the script and read more about what you can do with this script.

How to join a Mac to a DSfW domain

This video will show you how to join a Mac to a DSfW domain

At this time Mac joined to a DSfW domain is not supported, but it can be done.

Be sure dns resolves the domain name – nslookup <domain name>
Go to the System Preferences
click Join button next to Network Account Server
Click Open Directory Utility
Unlock the directory utility
Click Active Directory
Add the domain name to the Active Directory Domain field
Be sure the Computer name ID is a unique name
Click bind

Now the workstation is joined to the domain.  To enable DSfW users to login to the workstation
Under Hide Advanced Options
Click the User Experience
use smb as the network protocol
and /bin/bash as the default shell
so that users can login when the domain is not available enable Create mobile account at login

The most important setting is… Continue reading

How to Join a workstation to a DSfW domain

Joining a workstation to a DSfW domain is the same as joining to an AD domain.
Be sure the workstation’s time is insync with the server and can resolve the domain with nslookup