DSfW 2008 R2 Schema Update

DSfW is in the process of being updated to 2008 R2 schema and needs your help.  If you are interested in beta testing the next version of DSfW please send an e-mail to pmadhan@microfocus.com and Chitradevi.Kumaraswamy@microfocus.com with a subject line ‘Interested in Domain Services for Windows Beta Program’

The final version will support 2012 schema, aes encryption, and fine grained password policies.  This is exciting and would be a great project to be part of.  This is your chance see and be a major contributor for the coming versions of DSfW.

For more information on this project please go to the coolsolution page below.

Updating DSfW Environment to AD2008 R2 Level – Beta Planned

How to create a cross forest trust

This video will guide you through the creation of a cross forest trust between DSfW and AD.

For more information on creating a cross forest trust please read through the documentation

The trust password will change every 30 days by default. Consider disabling the automatic machine password changes or increasing the time before the password is changed. Some times when a workstation or in this case trust changes its password the change does not get set in the directory and the trust relationship is broken. In that case the trust needs to be re-established.

If a trust is removed and then re-established, before creating the trust again be sure that the trust object in cn=users, is removed as well.  The object will look like a user object with the name of the AD Domain with a $ at the end.

Good MS documents to help troubleshoot errors:

Known… Continue reading

How to create DNS forwarders

In order to create a cross forest trust both the DSfW server and the AD server need to resolve each others domains.  The video will show you how to create a forward and reverse forwarder for only the AD zone (domain) to the AD server and how to put a forwarder on the AD server to the DSfW DNS server.


How to Create a Forest and DC on Windows 2008R2

Creating an AD forest and domain is easy with dcpromo.  Before you start, put the DSfW server as the DNS server on the Windows 2008 server.  When the server is promoted to a domain controller, the server listed as the DNS server will be a listed as a forwarder.