Script to check if ports are listening

If you are concerned about a DSfW service going down and or the port is not accessible, this script will help keep the services up or notify you of a service going down.  The script will check if each DSfW service is listening, then telnet to each port.  If it can not telnet, the script will log which port is not accessable in the /var/opt/novell/xad/log/dsfw_portchk.log.

The script can be ran on PDC or ADC, running Novell DNS or not running Novell DNS.

The script can also e-mail and restart the services if desired.

It will detect if the server has IPv6 enabled so to properly detect the correct port Samba and NetBios is listening on.

The script detects if Novell DNS is configured to start.  Some times on ADC servers DNS is not configured or is not set to run.  The original script… Continue reading

How to Install an ADC DSfW server

This is the follow up to the “Prepare for an ADC Install of DSfW” video.
In this video an OES2SP3 ADC DSfW server is installed into an existing domain.
Requirements and suggestions are made along the way.

Be sure to follow TID 7009927 and TID 3564075 before doing the install.