Security Patch

New Patch for eDir

Patch was released and immediately pulled after seeing ndsd cores due to ldap search filters of (guid=).  A new patch is now available.  To view if the new patch has been applied run the command:
zypper list-patches –bugzilla=864542

To apply the patch run the command:

zypper up -t patch oes11sp1-edirectory-887-patch5-8910

The following packages will be upgraded:
novell-NDSbase novell-NDSbase-32bit novell-NDScommon novell-NDSimon
novell-NDSrepair novell-NDSserv novell-NOVLembox novell-NOVLice
novell-NOVLsnmp novell-NOVLsubag novell-dclient novell-dclient-32bit
novell-edirectory-jclnt novell-edirectory-tsands
novell-edirectory-tsands-32bit novell-nmas novell-nmas-libnmasext
novell-nmas-libspmclnt novell-nmas-libspmclnt-32bit novell-nmasclient
novell-nmasclient-32bit novell-npkiapi novell-npkiapi-32bit novell-npkiserver
novell-npkit novell-npkit-32bit novell-sss

To downlowd the stand alone eDirectory patch and to learn more about the patch see eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 5 HotFix 1 (All Platforms)

eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 2 for Linux & Unix

Stand alone eDirectory 838 SP7 Patch 2 has been released.  It can be found at

Do not apply this patch on an OES server!

Issues resolved in eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 2 (20703.00)
December 2012
– FLAIM: when performing a LDAP search on a non-existent user using a complex filter err = no such entry (-601) is returned  (Bug 608436)
– NCP: NDSD cores allocating a connection slot  (OES Bug 710806)  (Non-OES Bug 692389)
– NDSD cores on PDC in DSFW environment iterating nested groups (Bug 719736/711799/750982)
– CIFS core during sub-tree search  (Bug 751962)
– Security Vulnerability: eDirectory DoS dhost request with certains characters  (Bug 772895) (CVE-2012-0429)
– Security Vulnerability: eDirectory Authorization Mechanism Bypass  (Bug 772898) (CVE-2012-0430)
– Security Vulnerability: eDirectory Cross Site Scripting exploit  (Bug 772899) (CVE-2012-0428)
– Nauditds.dlm fails to initialize completely during initial eDirectory startup … Continue reading

Security Update for Novell OES Samba in OES11

Security Update for Novell OES Samba in OES11

TID 5141050

Files Included                                                                                          Size                          Date
novell-oes-samba-cifs-mount-3.4.3-1.36.17.x86_64.rpm                    1.5 MB (1656955)   2012-04-30 14:15:20
novell-oes-samba-libsmbclient0-32bit-3.4.3-1.36.17.x86_64.rpm      1.3 MB (1454602)   2012-04-30 14:15:42
novell-oes-samba-libtdb1-3.4.3-1.36.17.x86_64.rpm                           139.5 KB (142946)  2012-04-30 14:15:46
novell-oes-samba-libsmbclient0-3.4.3-1.36.17.x86_64.rpm                1.4 MB (1484631)   2012-04-30 14:15:41
novell-oes-samba-client-32bit-3.4.3-1.36.17.x86_64.rpm                … Continue reading