Latest DSfW Health Check Script

I’ve received a great deal of feed back on the DSfW Health Check Script and applied some changes.
I am always looking for suggestions. I’ve created an updated video with the latest script. Watch to to learn about configuring it for your specific needs.


Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 is released

Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 has been released today

LearnEventually, hopefully in the next update or two to more about OES11SP1 here

The download links for OES11 SP1 are:

Download link:

As far as Domain Services for Windows goes, the install will now allow you to choose between a simplified install or the standard.  The simplified install of DSfW reduces the number of screen, removing many of the screens that most people click next on with out any changes too.  The install is also more intuitive.  If follows along with the type of DSfW install you are doing instead of starting with the eDirectory configuration.

OES11SP1 has also improved gposync.  This should help reduce issues with gopsync not working correctly or properly syncing gpos out to the ADC DSfW servers.

OES11SP1 migrations for DSfW servers are now supported.  The supported migrations are:… Continue reading

Trouble shooting Kerberos on a DSfW server

If kerberos fails to start it is usually caused by

Missing ldap interfaces on the ldap server object

Missing uniquedomainid attribute on key objects

Corrupt or missing libraries

Misconfigured or missing kdc.conf

This video will go over kerberos failing to start because of missing ldap interfaces.  This most likely will happen if the ldap server object is deleted and recreated.