Novell-Cifs CASA Repair Tool @ Coolsolutions

I published my Novell-Cifs CASA Repair Tool to Novell Coolsolutions.

The tool will validate CASA keys are present and the the proxy user can login.  If there is a problem, it will fix it.  Great tool to fix the following errors:

ERROR: ENTRY: DDCLogin() failed Error: -223
ERROR: ENTRY: DDCLogin() failed Error: -222
ERROR: ENTRY: DDCLogin() failed Error: -197

The tool works with OES2.x and OES11.x.  I expect it to work with OES2015 unless there are big changes in that version.

If you are running Novell Cifs this tool is a must.  Download it and have it ready, or run it as a preventative measure.

VI Commands posted @ Coolsolutions

You can learn about vic (vi commands) and download the rpm at Novell Coolsolutions.

Start learning vi or use vic as a quick reference to expand your vi reparto.

DSfW Monitor daemon

I just created a demonized version of the DSfW Monitor script.  For more information on the script look the DSfW Monitor script post.

Now you don’t have to create a cronjob to continuously run the tool.  Simply download and install the dsfwmon.rpm.

The install will create the /etc/init.d/dsfwmon startup script, the /opt/dsfwdude/conf/dsfwmon.conf file to edit the configuration and the dsfwmon daemon.  It also has log rotating enabled.

The install will enable the dsfwmon script so that when the server starts, the script will start monitoring the services.

Edit the /opt/dsfwdude/conf/dsfwmon.conf to send an e-mail if a service has to be restarted.  Do not adjust the delay time less than 5 minutes.  The script could possibly step on itself, trying to check the services while restarting the services.

Common changes are to enable e-mail setting to be sent when the services restart,… Continue reading